Nightlife and Bars in Bogota

There is lots of great nightlife and bars in Bogota. Anywhere in the Zona G is usually great Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Here are some favorites for nightlife and bars in Bogota.

La Carbonera in Bogota is a typical bar with many locals, open Thursday through Sunday. The place is usually very full and sometimes there are lines to get in. Make sure to dress nicely!

La Avenida del Arsenal (near the convention center) was very popular but has faded recently. Old City (Ciudad Vieja) has more discos now.

Babar in Bogota plays a wide selection of music.

Cartageneros Mister Babilla in Bogota is one of the hottest bars in the city. It is located on Avenida del Arsenal.

Maroma in the Zona ‘T’ is very good for dancing in Bogota.

Medellin’s Escobar Zoo Hacienda Napoles

Good to see the inadvertent zoo from Pablo Escobar’s fortress (Hacienda Napoles) is still going strong. Sad about the hippo though.

From the NY Times:

DORADAL, Colombia — Even in Colombia, a country known for its paramilitary death squads, this hunting party stood out: more than a dozen soldiers from a Colombian Army battalion, two Porsche salesmen armed with long-range rifles, their assistant, and a taxidermist.

Colombian soldiers posed in June beside to a dead hippopotamus that had escaped from a ranch once owned by the drug lord Pablo Escobar.

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Best Boutique Hotels in Cartagena

Casa El Carretero Hotel in Cartagena
Casa El Carretero Hotel

There are a lot of new boutique hotels opening all the time in Cartagena. It’s sometimes hard to keep track of which are the best of the boutique hotels in the city. However, a few of the boutique hotels in Cartagena stand out above the rest for their quality and service.

Below is my list of the best boutique hotels in Cartagena.

Casa El Carretero

Hotel Agua

Tcherassi Hotel and Spa