Tcherassi Hotel and Spa in Cartagena

Tcherassi Hotel and Spa
Address: Calle del Sargento Mayor, Number 6-21, Cartagena, Colombia
Phone: + 57 5 664 4445

Tcherassi Hotel and Spa in Cartagena is one of the best boutique hotels in Cartagena. The Tcherassi is cozy and intimate with just seven guest rooms.

The hotel was designed by the famous Colombian fashion designer Silvia Tcherassi. As such, the hotel features excellent interior decor in whites and earth tones.

The Tcherassi Hotel and Spa also features a swimming pool and a spacious roof terrace. The terrace is perfect for soaking up the sun away from the bustle of the street below.

Buying Emeralds in Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is one of the best places in the world for buying emeralds, as Colombia has some of the most productive emerald mines anywhere. You can get some amazing deals on emeralds in Bogota, especially since the Colombian peso is still rather undervalued versus many currencies.

Some store recommendations for buying emeralds in Bogota:

Esmerald Trade Center
Address: Av. Jimenez No 5 – 43, Bogota, Colombia
To buy emeralds at the Esmerald Trade Center in Bogota, tell a taxi to take you there and have it wait for you while you shop. The center is located in the heart of Bogota and you will find a lot of different stores where you can buy very nice emeralds.

Sterling Joyeros
Address: Centro Andino, Unicentro, and Santa Ana shopping malls
Sterling Joyeros has three stores in Bogota. They are known for their good quality and competitive prices for emeralds.

Address: Cra 15 with Calle 88, Bogota, Colombia
Arlop has good prices for emeralds in Bogota and very reliable quality.

Pineda Hermanos
Telephone: 2577128
Pineda Hermanos is a good place for buying emeralds in Bogota. They do not have a store for the public, as they are wholesalers that deal in emeralds and diamonds. Call them if you are interested in the wholesale buying of emeralds in Bogota.

When buying emeralds, take a good quality emerald with you to compare color. Only view the stone in daylight as indoor light can be intentionally deceiving. You will know quality when you see it. The stone should have clear stunning colour at any angle.

Casinos in Bogota

There are a surprising number of casinos in Bogota. Here are a few noteworthy recommendations for casinos to go to while you are visiting Colombia’s capital.

Casino La Perla
Address: Laguito Parque Comercial Pierino Gallo L.2-5, Bogota, Colombia
Phone: +57-5-665-0573

El Ruba Casino
Address: Cl 31 64-100 C.C. Paseo de la Castellana, Bogota, Colombia
Phone: +57-5- 661-2540

Rio Casino Bocagrande
Address: Av. San Martan No. 5-145, Bogota, Colombia
Phone: +57-5-655-119